Building Regulations

Get help with building regulations in Surrey, Berkshire & Hampshire

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We help you meet all building regulations

Meeting building regulation standards and private building control regulations can be a long and difficult process if you're unsure of exactly what you're doing. At M3 Architectural Design, we ensure that it is made as easy as possible, by being the intermediary between you and the local authority. From structural design and construction drawings to thermal insulation and drainage, we are committed to providing comprehensive advice and assistance with this aspect of your building project.
For expert design, architectural and planning services in Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire.
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Our building regulations service includes:

  • Building notice - start without approval
  • Full plans - can take up to 7 weeks to be approved
  • Thames Water Utilities build-over consent
  • Amendments
  • Building applications
  • Private building control
  • Draughting services
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